"Through My Father's Eyes"

When I first began seeing clients for my financial planning business, I had no idea how many stories I would hear of people’s lives, families, joys, and struggles. But of all the stories I’ve heard, the ones that seem to penetrate the deepest sentiments were those of mothers and fathers who were active in their family’s lives and who led their families in the best ways they knew how. I have chosen to focus on the stories of fathers. Many times we do not hear enough about these men of strength and courage. Our society is losing these great men. We are becoming a father-less nation. Commitment is on a decline. Loyalty is being lost. These stories shared are experiences of fathers that remind us of what we are losing and serve as an example of true devotion, love, and service that may reflect on and be inspired to recapture what a father is truly called to be.


"Thought Leaders"

Inside you will find almost 100 stories from some of the top Thought Leaders in the world. Each one was invited to a special once a year event at the Harvard Faculty Club to speak on their area of expertise.

The results from this effort has given you, the reader, an opportunity to cut right to the heart of the messages that these Thought Leaders think are most important in all of their vast knowledge. The combination of being on stage at the Harvard Faculty Club in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in front of over 100 of their top peers caused the Thought Leaders in this book to rise to the occasion.

You will read powerful, educating and motivating stories by speakers from all over the globe, including Singapore, China, Canada, Australia and Mexico, who traveled up to 50 hours just to speak at this epic event. Our hope and desire is that the messages contained in this book will affect your life the way they have affected the participants. Our goal is that you, the reader, find just the information you need to affect the changes that you want to see in your life.